Megan Noll

Megan is an international wedding photographer and educator for creative entrepreneurs. She is based in Ohio and Kentucky, but serving anywhere you can dream up! When she is not traveling, you can probably find her with a glass of wine, dreaming up her next adventure. When people meet her, they usually comment on the amount of energy she has.
She is spirited, has a big laugh, and making conversation comes second nature to her. She loves what she does, she feels incredibly lucky to do it, and she has been told that it shows. Being a wedding photographer is the perfect job for an enthusiastic person because she has the chance to spend one of the most exciting days of your life with you. She is passionate about capturing that authentic excitement. She wants to remind you of that excitement through your photographs for the rest of your lives. She wants the images she creates to be how future generations are taught about the excitement that true love will bring.

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