Lydia Brownfield


Singer/songwriter, Lydia Brownfield, spent many years honing her craft in Atlanta, opening for artists such as Loudon Wainwright III, Peter Case, Shawn Mullins and Indigo Girls, as well as playing shows with her band in the area’s top clubs.
Before settling in Columbus, Lydia became a regular performer in the coffee houses of Greenwich Village, and began a recording career that has continued to date.
Her songs are pulled from experiences of growing up in Columbus, Ohio, her studies at the local fine arts college, a decade of living and performing in Atlanta, touring the south, and then moving to New York City – not least having gone through two difficult divorces and now being a mom. All of which brings a dramatic and entertaining live show.
Alongside Lydia, you’ll find her longtime partner, Jeff Dalrymple. His finger picking guitar playing is the ultimate compliment to Brownfield’s pure and captivating voice as they showcase super tight harmonies, as the listener – unsure where Lydia begins and Jeff ends – is taken on a journey of Lydia’s storied past, and a hopeful future while the vocals and guitars weave an intricate web of songs that are thoughtfully crafted and beautifully executed. Look for live performances either solo or with Dalrymple – and sometimes with her full band,

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