Lucian Cline


Lucian Cline began modeling at a young age. Her modeling career took off when she had the chance to work with Fractured Photography at age 19 in Cleveland, Ohio. She then decided to get more into character modeling when she met artist, John Pinkerton of Pinkerton Photography.
Later, she moved to Columbus where she met a group of girls that model to raise money for charity events. Through these young ladies she met artist Stacia Gorsuch, owner of The Painted Magpie. Stacia and Lucian connected and have since then worked on many projects together. Lucian was greeted with open arms when she asked to work more with photographer, George Peyton of Lost or Forgotten Photography. George had asked Lucian to act in a music video, casting her as a Damned Soul. This is where Lucian met Gina aka Lucy Fur co-owner and founder of NECROGirls. NECROGirls had Lucian as a featured model and continued to publish her throughout their magazine releases. Lucian, in the meantime was able to work with many talented photographers, body paint artists, special effect artists, and did a guest spot in a another music video.
Lucian moved to Louisville, Kentucky where she is currently residing. Lucian was able to star in a video game youtube series called Two Girls and a Couple of Controllers produced by Simply Drunk TV. She had the pleasure of meeting Brian Williams of Bandit Productions and actress, Ellie Church. Since then, Lucian has done multiple photo shoots with Brian and has been featured in SWITCH and Harvest Lake. Lucian has also acted in films, The Day I Met Her directed by Jimmy Humphrey and Pitfire of Hell Directed by Bob East.

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