Kiss Me Deadly


Kiss Me Deadly started in 2008 with singer/songwriter Jen Poland playing guitar and Pat McKay on drums under the name of The Poland Invasion. The band gathered Dr. Evan Lieberman in early 2009 and we began playing out and recording. In December of 2009, Dr. Lieberman directed the band’s first music video “Ice house.” Since then, we have continued to play, film more videos, joined the record label Kingswood Records, made a record called “What You Do In The Dark,” and have gone on several tours. We play with a unique line up of of instruments including mandolin, bari and tenor saxophone, stand up bass, glockenspiel, guitar, and a jazzy type drum kit. We term our style of music Pirate Jazz, as we experiment with rock, blues, jazz, R&B, and aren’t afraid to “pirate” from any style of music.

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