Karen Alf Rolfes

Karen Alf RolfesKaren Alf Rolfes, born in 1961, is an impressionistic oil painter. She lives in Cincinnati with her husband and four children. Karen is known for her colorful flowers, trees, landscapes, farm animals and water scenes. She paints at her gallery where she sells her work. Oil Paintings By Karen Rolfes is located at 6808 Miami Avenue in Madeira, Ohio. The gallery is typically open Tuesday-Saturday 11:00-3:00. Or, feel free to make an appointment.
Karen uses playful strokes to create texture while using a palette knife. This technique was first introduced to her by Pierre Bittar, a well-known French artist. Karen has studied the works of Claude Monet’s water lily ponds and gardens at Giverny. Her grandfather and uncle, also painters, have had an impact on her blossoming career. Karen’s clientele has now expanded throughout the United States.Karen Alf Rolfes
Karen has been featured at The New York Art Expo, Art Santa Fe and Spectrum Miami. Her awards include ACA National Finalist 2013, Landscape Artist of the Year 2014, William W. Duebber Award, The YWCA Winner and Purchase Award 2016 and a two page spread in Venue Magazine. Karen has also been featured in Blink Art Resource 2015, 2016 and 2017.
Each year Karen travels to a different part of the country where she continues to learn and grow. After many hours of observing, learning, and painting she has developed her own unique style.
“My passion is to re-create what I see in nature. The canvas becomes an interpretation without forgetting value, hue, and perspective. Inspiration is a common word in my vocabulary. I continue to paint because it makes me happy.”

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