Jaki Good Miller


I am so grateful to live my life as an artist and photographer. God has given me an eye for beauty, a creative mind and an adventurous spirit and I always want to use these gifts for His glory and to bless others. I rarely go anywhere without a camera in my hand, fearing I will miss something incredible and miraculous. With the world as my canvas, I can create unique, one of a kind portraits that are both intimate and original. I continually strive to discover and capture art and beauty, whether it be the innocent face of a child, the passionate kiss of newlyweds or the sunrise streaming through an autumn forest. How blessed am I to meet and work with precious newborns, joyful children, romantic couples, fun loving seniors and large family parties! My quest is to exceed the expectations of my clients, to honestly portray their personalities, their relationships, their emotions and the story of their lives. When they see their images, I want them to be absolutely delighted! It thrills me to realize I am giving them fine works of art that will preserve these memories for generations to come.

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