Harshita Mahajan

Harshita is an award winning photographer based in Cleveland. In her past she was an MBA and a Banker and on a steep career trajectory. She quit the corporate world to be with her son who has autism. Photography came into her life as a gift. She has had images published in the BBC, and International newspapers, and won local and international competitions. She is a member of the Cleveland Photographic Society and the Professional Photographers of America she loves making photographs. When she uses the term “making” she means using her subject, lighting, background, technology and her creativity to tell the story in as beautiful a way as possible.
She will spend time sizing up the location and technical details needed, as well as with you to understand who you really are and what you need from these images. She wants the images to make you remember this time with happiness and joy. She is passionate about autism and her son. He really is the reason for everything in her life.
She loves meeting people especially through photography, and hope and try to form a long term relationship with all her clients.

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