Genevieve Gilbert

From an early age, Genevieve Gilbert has always had a keen interest in the arts. As a child in Lakewood, Ohio, Genevieve studied art, dance, theater, and singing. She also began private piano lessons, and soon took up the violin through her local public school program. Studying with many violin teachers varying in styles from classical to fiddle to blues, Genevieve was introduced to an alternative approach to music and violin that would forever influence her. At the same time, Genevieve sang in the Cleveland Orchestra Children’s Choir, played violin in the Lakewood Project (a pioneer High School Rock Orchestra directed by Dr. Elizabeth Hankins), Cleveland’s Contemporary Youth Orchestra (Directed by Liza Grossman), including performances with Mike Garson, Pat Benatar, Neil Giraldo, and STYX.
After a year abroad in Taiwan as an International Rotary Ambassador, Genevieve continued her music education in Cleveland. Thanks to the city’s eclectic music scene and exceptional selection of professional musicians, Genevieve was fortunate to study with the award-winning Danish violinist Dr. Hanne-Berit Hahnemann. It was through Dr. Hahnemann’s musical wisdom and mentorship that Genevieve gained a complete appreciation for violin pedagogy and her artistic capabilities.
Genevieve has participated in master classes and orchestral studies at the Brevard Festival Summer Orchestral Program and Berklee’s String Fling in Boston, and has received private instruction from Takako Masame of the Cleveland Orchestra. Takako’s instruction, in thought-provoking detail, offered a clear vision of how Genevieve could combine her long and continuous list of musical influences from the classical, jazz, avant-garde, pop, and rock genres into her music making.
Genevieve has participated in Cleveland’s Thagaraja Festival held at Cleveland State University under the direction of Shashikiran Kn and Leo Coach. The Cleveland Thagaraja Festival is the largest Indian classical music festival outside of India. It was first celebrated in 1978 and has now grown to be a 12-day festival with more than 8,000 attendees with 2,000 appearing for the opening weekend.


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