Erin McCamley

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Her music has been described as “velvety,” “emotional,” “percussive,” “haunting,” “funny,” “pianistic,” “melody-driven,” “catchy,” “unique,” “complex,” “atmospheric,” “spiritual,” and in a genre of its own dubbed “coffeehouse rock”. She is classically trained and tends to use interesting and complex chords, meter changes, and imagery-driven poetry.
“Music is my best friend and outlet, and it has gotten me through every rough time in my life. I want to be a well-known singer/songwriter so I can reach out to others, make them feel less alone, and help them through rough times like my favorite artists did for me.” Her name is Erin McCamley and she’s a singer/songwriter. She’s been writing music, playing piano, singing, acting, and dancing since she was 3 years old.
She has an acoustic album, released in 2011, called “The Acoustic Summer.” In regards to her latest album, she says, “I was about to spend my final semester at college, and was broke as all get-out so I couldn’t afford studio time; but I desperately wanted to come out with a new album with more recent songs, so I recorded this acoustic one in my house. It’s raw and bare-boned–just my piano and my voice–and the quality isn’t the best in the world, but it gets my message and music across, which is the point.”
She also has one studio album, released in 2007, called “Luminous.” It’s available on the Merch page of this website, iTunes, CDBaby, Barnes and Noble, and various other websites.
She has written about 80 songs in her lifetime. Check out live performances of her music on YouTube to hear music that is as yet unrecorded and to see if you’d like her to give a concert near where you live! Follow her on Twitter for daily updates.
She helped found a campaign and wrote a spoken-word song called No More War. Check out the Cause Page on Facebook. “Like” the page, submit photos, poems, plays, songs, videos, quotes, and whatever else inspires you to be peaceful and promote a peaceful world.
She is also a freelance Conductor and Music Director for choirs and orchestras nation-wide.
She fell in love with Conducting her senior year of college and plans to get her Masters in Orchestral Conducting in the future.

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