David Curtis Band


As a young boy, David grew up in a household filled with classic rock influence from both parents. The music flowed through the household and his father saw how he felt when David heard artists like Steve Vai and Joe Satriani tearing it up. After witnessing David getting goose bumps from hearing Joe Satriani’s guitar playing on “Surfing With An Alien” when he was four, his dad decided to purchase him his first guitar.
Growing up, David learned to cover the intricate songs from Satriani as well as various classic rock artists. In high school he was introduced to a harder genre of rock pushed forth by bands like Tool
and Korn. Maynard James Keenan of Tool/A Perfect Circle and Jonathon Davis of Korn helped influence David’s style of vocals and a progressive non-conforming song writing.
Because of his many influences, David’s style is very difficult to be narrowed down and has turned into a style of his own creation. He has spent his life writing music and have used this tool as an expression of his inner-self.
He is now ready to express himself to the world and inspire others with is music as my musical influences have inspired and enhanced his life.



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