Dan Miraldi


Dan Miraldi is a Cleveland-born New York City-based rock and roller. After releasing three full-lengths and five EPs, 2018 finds the two-time John Lennon Songwriting Contest Finalistunveiling his fourth LP, Alphabet City 2 AM. Inspired by his time in New York, the new ten-song collection was largely written in a creative burst in late 2015. First working with Grammy-nominee Dave Douglas [Relient K],Miraldi managed to track half of the album back in Ohio the following summer. However, the November 2016 presidential election inspired Miraldi to change his course creatively.
“I saw the rise of hate crimes and bigotry.” Miraldi explains, “I couldn’t be quiet. People needed modern protest songs and I knew I could write them.” The resulting 2017 EP,Love Under Fire, was released to critical acclaim and features some of the singer’s fiercest rock anthems. Most notably, the record includes the song and video for “The Sweet Sound of Protest,”a Miraldi-penned track featuring musical contributions from members of Welshly Arms.
“I am very proud of Love Under Fire, but the unfinished Alphabet City 2 AM haunted me. I didn’t want those songs to be a lost album. People would ask me what was going to happen to that music and those recordings. It is a very personal record. There are some soul-baring sensitive moments, but at its core, I hear a joyful collection of songs. It’s fun music.” Adding with a smile, “Most importantly, I wasn’t going to let Donald Trump be the reason I didn’t finish my NYC-party record!”
In February of 2018, work resumed on Alphabet City 2 AM. To finish the album, Miraldi teamed back up with DC-based producer Kyle Downes, who had previously co-produced tracks on Love Under Fire, as well as Miraldi’s 2010 EP, Tease. Miraldi states, “The albumsat in limbo for over a year, but once I decided to complete it, it all came together quickly. I am very glad it’s finished. I can’t wait to share these songs and stories.”
Dan Miraldi has become a rock and roll journeyman. After nearly ten years of DIY van tours, the road warrior can look back and see an adventure-filled career. Miraldi has shared show bills with an eclectic bunch of performers such as of J. Roddy Walston & the Business, Nelly, Wiz Khalifa, the Wailers, Wild Feathers, the Trews, Wally Bryson of the Raspberries, Beatle offspring James McCartney, Family of the Year, Welshly Arms, Ari Hest, Blackalicious, the Cool Kids, Fiery Furnaces,and evenWang Chung. “Through it all, I can look back and say that I love rock and roll. I love making music and playing shows. It’s something I need to do and I don’t know how to stop. The best is yet to come.”

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