Cybéle currently performs 4+ nights a week. The singer/song-writer independently released her first album, “Medicated America” in August 2011. The debut features a duet entitled “All My Time,” which was co-written and recorded with Eliot Sloan – lead singer of Blessid Union of Souls. Her “Song for America” has been aired locally on the 1st and 10th anniversaries of the 9/11 tragedy.
After getting married and having two children between 2012-2015, Cybéle has decided to postpone her follow up to the Medicated America album…at least until her life as a mother slows down a bit.
Cybéle grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, where she attended the School for Creative and Performing Arts. At a young age, she sang as a soloist in Kenny Rogers’ Christmas Show, also featuring Faith Hill. When she was sixteen, Cybele performed the national anthem at the Grand Opening of Paul Brown Stadium. In 2006, Cybéle traded in her Skyline Chili uniform for the opportunity to sing and play piano at the Waterfront, a riverside fine dining restaurant. She has gone on to perform at many of the Tri-State area’s popular piano bars, music lounges, and casinos.
Cybéle is not prolific with her song-writing. She describes the process like a sacred event that comes to her out of the blue and leaves just as mysteriously. Cybéle
It took Cybéle three years to set aside enough money to fund her album project. The first-time producer hired fellow musicians to add instrumentation to her songs, layering thick vocal harmonies on particular tracks, and eventually mixing everything in-house with her closest musical partner, Craig Wilson. It was Wilson who gave the dynamic singer a start in the local music scene in 2006. It was also Wilson who sat in as the keyboard player for Blessid Union of Souls one night and mentioned to lead singer, Eliot Sloan, that he ought to come out and listen to Cybéle sing after the show. Eliot agreed to stop by and Cybéle took the opportunity to mention that she was working on a duet for her first album…the rest is history!

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