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Chad Hoffman is a soulful singer/songwriter based just outside of Cleveland, OH. Chad is a passionate and engaging live performer whether he is playing his own material or reinterpreting cover songs. He is first and foremost an incredible singer, with a gritty, soulful voice and a broad vocal range. You don’t only hear this in his voice, but you witness the intensity in his face throughout his performances.
Beyond his powerful vocals, the next thing many people appreciate about Chad Hoffman’s performances is the organic quality of his live sound. He embraces technology without relying on it. Compared to many of his peers who extensively use effects, pitch correction, vocal harmonizers, looping pedals and even backing tracks to synthetically thicken their mix, Chad takes a much more rootsy, DIY approach to his live sound. First, he typically uses minimalistic effects, applying just a bit of reverb to vocals and guitar. Second, he relies heavily on the unique rhythm guitar style he has developed over many years performing on his own, needing to create a thick, upbeat sound with only one guitar. But what really stands out in Chad’s live shows is the homemade foot percussion instruments he incorporates into his live rig. These instruments allow him to create an upbeat, dynamic, full-band sound without selling his soul to the demigods of the looping pedal. He has designed and built several of these instruments out of reclaimed materials, with more in the works.
Chad Hoffman is also an impressive songwriter and a budding producer. He pens deep and introspective lyrics and his original recordings conjure elements of his many influences, including Cat Stevens, Pink Floyd, the Eagles, Pearl Jam, Beck, Radiohead and Ben Harper. However, Chad also has a knack for taking cover songs of all genres, stripping them down to their essence and reinventing them as his own.
In the late 90’s, Chad was the leader of several Columbus, Ohio based bands including Aunt Dick, Marblehead and Orchard. In 2001, Chad released his first studio recording, the acclaimed Marblehead EP, “Secrets Locked Away.” But in 2003, Chad decided to go it alone and focus on his career as a solo-acoustic musician. He has since honed his skills as a songwriter, while developing an impressive catalog of classic and modern cover songs, which he performs with a fresh new spin. Since then, he has received significant praise for both the way he recreates cover songs, as well as the range of generations and genres he covers. In addition to obvious classic and modern rock songs, Chad covers early rock from the 50’s, soul from the likes of Sam Cook and Marvin Gaye, country, old school rap and even Lady Gaga!
In late 2006, Chad moved to Rochester Hills, MI, just outside of Motown. Shortly after this transition, he began recording his first solo album, “Listen,” which was released in 2012. This album showcases the evolution of Chad’s songwriting, with lyrics that parallel a dark comedy combined with unexpected chord progressions and timing patterns. This album also shows off many of the best session musicians in the Detroit area, including a former member of Kid Rock’s band.
In 2013, Chad realized his dream of becoming a full-time musician. He walked away from his day job and moved back to Northern Ohio, where he grew up. He has since established himself as one of the best solo musicians in the region, performing over 250 shows per year throughout the mid-west. In the works for the near future, Chad plans to build a home studio, write and record more original material, release live recordings, expand his touring throughout the United States and develop a line of foot percussion instruments for sale to the public.

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