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Erin Mendonca, aka Buddygirrl, is a 21-year-old electronic music producer from Hilliard, Ohio. Producing in the comfort of her own bedroom studio using FL Studio since 2006, she has been working to master her craft in music, creating progressive house, trance, chillout, or whatever sparks inspiration. Buddygirrl looks at the DAW as more than a program that sequences and makes sounds, but rather as a blank canvas to paint her ideas in the form of music. In 2012, Buddygirrl was selected among four other artist to take part in an event called “mau5hax” in Miami, hosted by deadmau5 and his label, mau5trap, to team up with him and other artists on his label to collaborate on two original tracks, finished in 12 hours.
Earlier before, Buddygirrl partnered up with Canadian producer, StrobeHypnoticz, to create their own take on deadmau5’s emotional track, “Bleed,” which in no time, took over the #1 spot on the Hype Machine.
After mau5hax in Miami, Buddygirrl released her original, “Fly” on mau5trap’s first “We Are Friends” compilation album.
In 2013, learning a new DAW, Ableton Live, Erin traveled to L.A., to team up with singer/songwriter, Chris James, to bring one of her old works, “One Moment,” back to life in a new light, with vocals by Chris himself and a massive rework into the final product you may hear today, released on ARVAS, sub-label of Armada Music.
Buddygirrl is planning on doing some huge things in 2014 so make sure you stay tuned.

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