Boo Lee Crosser

Ohio native Tom Vasey, aka Boo Lee Crosser, was born in 1993. His earliest musical influences were the soundtrack from “Cool Hand Luke”, songs by Bob Marley, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Neil Young. As a teen he studied the great blues artists like Robert Johnson and Son House, and while also becoming obsessed with the sound of punk bands from the early 1980s. Townes Van Zandt and Chris Knight inspired him to try songwriting, after a chance encounter to hear Van Zandt as part of the film The Big Lebowski. While attending Bowling Green State University he played three open mics a week, which led to gigs all around Bowling Green, Kent, and Cleveland. Boo Lee Crosser
At this time, the music he was listening started to shift into a new direction. Starting with country music singer Hank III, Tom started to discover acts associated with the Muddy Roots Music Festival, and began listening to the music of Willy Tea Taylor, Scott H. Biram, and Possessed by Paul James. Close friend and former president of the Roots Music Club Mike Bryce helped Tom record his first self produced CD entitled “Folk Song Singing Cliche’”. Tom was also featured on three Roots Music Club albums in his time with the club, using many of these new inspirations as the framework for his own songwriting.
While recording for the Roots Music Club’s 2016 CD project, Tom was offered the chance to record a second album for Northwest Ohio independent label Marmite Records. This collection of songs includes strong solo performances and songs backed by notable jazz and session musicians, including but not limited to New York bassist Ray Parker, Ann Arbor Michigan drummer Pete Siers, and Toledo Ohio drummer Byron Harris Jr.
Following the release of “New Bedford” in July 2017, Tom continued to make music and strive to make music his career.
He now plays in a band called Freight Street with Flannery Murnen, JP Stebal, Devonte Stovall, and Kathleen Schnerer. The solo act is still going on, with Tom planning to make yet another album of completely different sounding music in the next two years.

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