Austin & Rachel

We are Austin & Rachel! We are Cleveland wedding photographers for the kindhearted and joyful couples of the world. We have a 3 year old boy, that , in our biased opinion, is pretty cute.
We love a good binge-worthy show, our favorites include: Friends (DUH), The Office, Grey’s Anatomy, Psych, and Superstore. When we aren’t working, you’ll find Austin in his workshop & Rachel finding an excuse for a Target run.
Rachel drinks a LOT of coffee & has gotten Austin into the habit. Oops.
We love a good meal, especially tacos and a bunch of queso.
It’s not unusual for us to turn on our record player and have a family dance party to some Queen or Journey albums.
Our life and dreams are only possible because of Jesus.
We think being wedding photographers is pretty neat.
We are so thankful to our sweet couples.

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