Alice Kiderman


Alice Kiderman (nee Bondar) is a Russian-born artist who lives in Cleveland, Ohio.
“My life is a direct reflection of the roller-coaster of events in my life – both tragic and happy. The impacts of these emotions, dormant or suppressed for years, are the images and shapes seen in my work. They reflect the gradual awakening of the spirit, which becomes an entity of its own.
My work is a blend of the realistic and the abstract in shape, though I believe that the abstract is just an extension of the world around us. It is my hope that my sculpture evolves emotions and projects the victory of the spirit… untamed.”
Mountains, rocks, and stone have always fascinated me, since they are some of the few authentic relics we can touch and embrace, that are the “messengers” of the history of our planet. Similarly, craftsmanship in stone, a natural material which is an indispensable part of Earth, is something I’ve been passionate about preserving in this era of fast moving and fast created objects of Art. We don’t seem to have the time it takes. The process of creating art forms in stone is one of the most ancient ways of “preserving” history of our planet and the process hasn’t changed much. It is and has been ecologically responsible and environmentally safe -using what Earth offers us- stone with the help of some of the most ancient tools – hammer and chisels.
My work is about translating the human emotions into a three-dimensional visual sculpture. The focus is on the beauty and complexity of the humankind, rather than the ugliness and misery. The goal is to “touch” the viewer, to connect through sculpture with his/her inner feelings, memories and send him/her on own path of exploring one’s own emotions.
The works represent the feminine and the masculine, the yin and yang, the moon and the sun – which could produce either dichotomy or harmony. The deciphering is for the viewer to undertake…
Alice is represented by BE Gallery, Chagrin Falls, Ohio;, REINERT FINE ART GALLERY – CHARLESTON SC in Charleston, SC. Malton Gallery in Cincinnati, Ohio and Aaron Gallery in Washington,D.C.

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