Alexis Dimes

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Alexis Dimes is a singer on YouTube who post videos singing covers to songs with different lyrics to the same melody. She has been in the Playhouse Square musical “Kiss Me Kate” which won 2 Dazzle Awards for Best Ensemble and Best Choreography.
Alexis Dimes was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. At a young age she expressed an interest in piano and singing. When she was 7 she had a piano at home that played popular tunes and the displayed what keys where used to play the song as the tunes were played. This helped her learn how to play the songs and allowed her to easily learn how to play the piano in general. At around 10 years old she began writing songs of her own. Then at the age of 13 she for the very first time performed a song she wrote which was called “Afraid to Fall in Love” for a talent show at a sports camp she was attending in Cleveland. After singing her song she was approached by a music producer named Gordon Williams known by the name Commissioner Gordon. He told Alexis that he liked the song and inspired her to continue singing and writing.

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