Adam Havelszky

Adam HavelszkyAdam Havelszky is a local artist and painter at the Essex Studios in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is a self-taught painter and artist. Born in Toronto, Ontario, he came to Cincinnati and found his calling in acrylic painting.
His artwork is loved for its rustic and dramatic scenery. Havelszky’s artwork is motivated by a strong interest in Bouguereau and Adam Wyeth. The tools for his craft include: a high quality acrylic paint, a stretched canvas and a prepared board.
To get his creative gears running, Havelyszky absorbs himself into the atmosphere of his subject. His style of art includes traditional styles of landscape and portrait painting. These styles are heavily influenced by the local and international masters of realism.
His paintings reflect the time and passion he puts into his work. He has been called for commissions and personal portraits.

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