Victor Martin and Allison Scull


Allison, a former folk singer who has taken a decidedly jazzy turn, has been singing, composing and playing guitar most of her adult life. She met Victor, a jazz saxophonist, vocalist and arranger, a few years ago when he was invited to play in her one-girl band. The match was unmistakable. Blending roots music with a fusion of jazz, folk, blues, and a little funk and R&B, originals and some classic jazz standards laced with some French lyrics, they put an entirely new twist on contemporary music.
Together they create a fusion of musical forms uniquely their own. Allison learned French alongside her sisters, where she grew up in Belgium. Victor was born and raised on the East Coast in Delaware.
One of twins, Allison was raised in Belgium and La Jolla, California. She found her musical future in a choir class at the San Diego School of Performing Arts. With the release of “Allison St.,” her first CD–a journey of self-discovery–Allison culminated a lifelong dream to create and publish her own style of music. This album is characterized as having neo-folk sound, with some Latin overtones and a hint of jazz. Combining French and English lyrics, a wide range in vocals and unexpected changes in the music, the album was a success.
Victor was born and raised on the East Coast, but has lived in the Mount Shasta area of Northern California for many years. He was introduced to the saxophone in junior high school, beginning a love affair that carried him to the Wilmington School of Music in Delaware and from there to the Army, where he played and toured with the 9th Infantry Rock Band while stationed in Fort Lewis, Washington. Victor’s sound is deeply satisfying, and he is willing to break barriers and take the sound to its fullest.
When Victor first saw Allison performing, he liked her style. Sharing a love of jazz, it was inevitable that Allison would ask Victor to perform on her first CD “Allison St.”, where he adds his own warm tones and lyrical phrasings to “Mirror Me, Mirror You”. As they performed together through the West Coast, their respective styles have joined to create a new sound leaning more towards a roots/jazz music style. This can be heard in their “Live” CD 2006 and their 2002 release “From the Back Burner”. Their most recent release, “Cool like the Breeze” in 2011, features a full band and highlights the best of their collaborative efforts, where Allison and Victor wrote and arranged all of their tunes.
With their busy performance schedule, they have made a splash in the wine country of California and Oregon and throughout the West Coast. This duo has shared the stage with the Blind Boys of Alabama, Tuck and Patti, Acoustic Alchemy, and blues legend John Hammond. Their aim is create a feeling of inclusion for people of all walks of life with their music and they feel it is a privilege to do so.



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