Tiffany Shaw


I’m the kind of person that purposely runs out into the heart of a thunderstorm, camera in tow. I love the magic of the first snowfall of winter, spring wildflowers, long summer nights stargazing, and brisk autumn mornings with a cup of earl gray tea. I’m so very fortunate to have found my soul mate. He’s one of the most supportive and caring people I’ve ever crossed paths with and I’m so happy to be able to call him mine. Dog hair is my glitter. I’m a proud fur mom of two very fluffy, very large Alaskan Malamutes who have stolen my heart.
I am a lifestyle photographer with an editorial approach. I believe your images should be a reflection of you and your loved ones when the moments matter most. Those unexpected moments are the ones that keep me going. I’m drawn to the quiet, intimate moments between lovers; the way he holds the small of her back, how she reached up to touch his face before each kiss. I want you to have the photograph that defines a special moment in time, the one that hangs on the wall forever – that’s the picture I strive for.


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