Steve Twist

Steve Twist is the lead photographer at Avalon Portrait Gallery. He took over the studio from the previous owner, Ross Pack, in 1997. Before that he did photographic work for the U.S. Air Force and the V. A. Medical Center in Dayton Ohio, and did commercial photography for many large corporations throughout the Midwest.
Steve has a B. A. in Scientific and Industrial Photography from Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara CA. But it was his seven years photographing retinas which really prepared him for the kind of work that he does now. When photographing an ophthalmic patient’s retina, you have to gain their absolute trust, show them compassion, be their friend, and get the most meaningful details in you work. If you fail, your efforts are worthless. Portraiture is exactly the same. Maybe a little less painful. But he promises you this: If you will give him your attention for a brief period, he will give you something that you and your loved ones will treasure for generations to come. And yes, that is a promise he will keep!
If you are looking for a photographer to document something important in your life, why not call him and set up a time just to come in and meet him. Visit his studio and see if you know some of the people whose photos are hanging on his walls. The consultation is free, and he’ll give you many ideas for your portraits, whether he does them for you or not!

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