Nikolas Bortolussi

Nik Bortolussi is a professional drummer and clarinest, specializing in jazz and swing. He got his start in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he played classical clarinet by day and jazz drums by night in venues all around the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.
He has worked with groups such as the Travis Anderson Trio and the Solomon Douglas Band and has played regular gigs at downtown venues, including The Dakota and Hell’s Kitchen. He has also toured the country with various jazz bands and played internationally as a part of the Solomon Douglas Trio.
In 2013 Nik moved to the jazz capital of the west, Monterey, California. Here he honed his jazz clarinet skills and now plays both drums and clarinet professionally with the Dave Holodiloff Band, David Morwood Band, and other groups around the Bay Area.
Among the many other jazz greats, Nik has been tremendously inspired by both Gene Krupa and Benny Goodman. He strives to continue their legacy in the jazz community as best as he can, and invites you to join him at a show soon.

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