Morgan Chantelle


Hello. I’m Morgan.I fell in love with photography several years ago after taking a few classes. At the time I was blogging (I had a lifestyle/style/children’s fashion blog) and wanted to take better photos for my blog and of my children. A few friends asked me to take photos of their families, I started second shooting at weddings, and several years later here I am. I LOVE weddings and feel so blessed that I’m able to photograph them.I love travel. I love adventure. I love hiking and exploring and visiting new places and trying new things. I’ll pick an airbnb over a hotel any day and I’d rather experience the things that locals do than visit the tourist spots. The places that I most want to visit (right now) are Nashville, New Orleans, and Iceland.I loooooove chocolate, but I try to eat mostly whole foods. I love to cook and my favorite items come from the farmer’s market. Working out keeps me sane, as does my amazing group of friends. I drink copious amounts of coffee (medium roast with almond milk, thank you), then switch to tea or LaCroix (depending on the season), and usually end my day with a glass of red wine.I grew up in Chico and I love that I’m raising my children in my hometown surrounded by so many people that adore them. We’re lucky to have so many of our family- aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents- just a few minutes away.

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