Lettie Neuhauser-MacLachlan

Teton Group

I am a retired veterinarian, as such I have a deep and lasting connection with animals. I see animals as individuals with personality, attitude and character. In my work I attemp to capture some of the essence ot the individual. My subjects range from elephants to octopi and from common domesticated animals to exotic endangered species. Each painting focuses on a single individual animal, or, occasionally, a small family group.
I work in watercolor and occassionally mixed media. I paint loosely with a lot of pigment and bold colors balanced with large areas of light. I use various methods to achieve or suggest texture, including scratching out fur and feathers with a palette knife and using paint straight from the tube. My backgrounds are usually abstract and minimal. I work mostly on hot pressed paper allowing for more light and a brighter effect
I want my work to allow the viewer to see the individual, the uniqueness of character and a hint of the value of our fellow creatures. I use no animal products in my work.

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