Kyle Howard


My interest in taking pictures started many years ago with the purchase of my first semi-decent cell phone with a camera. I was eventually given the nudge to pick up a digital camera and start exploring the art of photography. My interest in taking pictures quickly turned into a passion for photography.
For me, looking through the viewfinder is much more enjoyable than being on the other end. When I am shooting, I can honestly say that I am having a blast behind the camera. I can only hope that the person in front of the camera is having just as much fun as I am. Typically, posed photos are not as fun or interesting as candid ones – this is why I like to focus on capturing moments instead of making them. However, there is definitely a time and place for a bit of extra direction.
It would be a great honor to help capture any moment in time that you would like to look back on, big or small. Based in Humboldt County, CA, serving clients everywhere.

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