Jan Bramlett

Jan Bramlett brings a light touch to profound subject matter, blending wry humor with deep insight into human nature. Her strong, bluesy voice sweeps through lyrical melodies that grab your attention and touch your heart.
Bramlett has been singing and writing songs for years, but began performing solo after coming to Humboldt County in 2003. She originally started singing with a NY band in her 20s, known in its more recent form as The Moondogs, later recording some original songs with bass player Matthew Chachere in his Brooklyn recording studio. Her music took a back seat when she moved to the west coast for grad school in 1991.
With her master’s degree in Anthropology, she wandered into Humboldt County and began workingPrint Stop with the Environmental Protection Information Center in 2004. So began her devotion to the great California Redwood forests.
Jan started playing regularly at Calico’s Café in Garberville. For close to four years, she was there almost every Wednesday evening (and a lot of Mondays), playing cover versions and sneaking in her original songs.
Humboldt recording engineer Rob Seifert produced her first short CD of six songs, with singer/songwriter Jerry Cottrell playing bass and singing harmonies. She also had a regular gig for a couple of years at the Cove Restaurant in Shelter Cove, and has performed at the Mateel Summer Arts and Music Festival in Garberville and Nepenthe Restaurant on the Big Sur coast.
In 2008, she moved to Arcata CA and performed her first concert of primarily original songs at the Westhaven Center for the Arts in 2009. She is now working on the production of her first full CD of original songs and playing the coffeehouse circuit in the Humboldt Bay area. Whenever she can manage it, she returns to New York to play with her former band members.

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