High Noon

High Noon started out when lead singer David Basset and then-drummer Sebastian Medina broke off from Chico country band “HIghway 20” to pursue their own project. Medina’s hard rock background lended itself surprisingly well to his take on the country songs, giving classics like “Folsom Prison Blues” and Louisiana Saturday Night” new life and a younger sound.The two then recruited lead guitarist Dillon Whitsett. Whitsett’s SRV-influences brought an interesting and soaring vibe to his lead lines and solos. Kyle Bissell was then recruited to play acoustic guitar. Bissell added a very classic country flair with his vocals and acoustic rhythm playing. The group then found bassist Brandon Hood to round out the rhythm section. What they had created was the most rocking, hard hitting country act in the area. With Whitsett, Bissell, and Hood on vocals and harmonies, the 3 part vocal prowess of this group is unseen in today’s young rising bands. Their first gig together was opening for Country Music star Deana Carter at the Colusa Casino & Resort in Colusa, CA.
After 4 years of playing together, both Bissell and Medina ended up leaving the group and were replaced by Casey Doss and Cole Martin, respectively. Doss’s classic electric country sound compliments Whitsett’s lead lines as the duo constantly trade off solos. With Bissell Gone and Doss on Electric, Bassett moved over to Acoustic and the lineup seemed better than ever.

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