Guy Archerd


Guy Archerd is a Texas born guitarist that has been playing guitar since 1966.
Upon receiving his first guitar at the age of eight years old, he has since formed and performed in numerous bands locally and regionally throughout the United States.
After forming the “Triple Bypass” band back during 2002, The “Triple Bypass” band went on to be voted one of the best top fifty new original rock bands in Northern California in a “Battle of the Bands” competition.
Guy pursued a solo career and released an instrumental CD titled “Solitude”. This was released under the Statue Records label. These recordings really showcase Guy’s smooth guitar style, which has its roots, based in southern blues and jazz. Currently Guy is in post production of a project titled “On The Edge”. This is a compilation of some heartfelt and soulful blues tracks with some jazz and funk instrumentals tossed in for some hot spice.
As of now in 2018, Guy has continued to compose and write new tracks publishing them worldwide through the Internet. His newest material will put you in a meditative state, that makes you relax and slow down. Although some of his music is truly the blues, it can and will lift you up.
His versatile style covers a wide variety of genres.
Guy continues to perform his music at festivals, markets, club venues and charitable events along with making videos and radio appearances.

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