Dusty Foster


I’m a Country and Rock singer from Shasta County, California who has been listening to music ever since I was born. I love performing locally and becoming more involved with my core fans in the community, but I hope to one day move to Nashville, play for a lot more country music fans, and one day to become the next thing in country music.
My biggest influences are George Strait, Brad Paisley, Luke Bryan, Josh Turner, and Elvis Presley I enjoy artists of both old fashion and modern day music. Even though I’m a country singer I also perform rock music of all kinds like Def Leppard, Bob Seger, and Lynyrd Skynyrd.
Having a family that is musical in many different ways is great for inspiration to write songs or just to sing along to a song we all love. My mother who’s a singer, guitarist, and flute player is great from learning about classical and old fashion music, my father who adores heavy metal and 60’s music is great for learning to expand my horizons in music, and my sister who is also a singer is great for learning how to harmonize and to sing with a partner.

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