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“Give (an alive) Michael Jackson a guitar, stick him in a rock band and the world would have DeVoll.” These were Amanda Rhine’s words in her review of Downtown Rocks 3! published in the CSU, Chico’s Orion following the show on March 27th, 2015. It’s an apt description of DeVoll’s sound: Alternative Pop.
DeVoll has the soulful melodic vocals of front man Tyler DeVoll mixed with the harmonious background vocals of Drew Loeser and Bill Hepworth, giving DeVoll that Pop music sound. Add in the deep feeling, heart pounding bass stylings of Drew Loeser; the powerful solitude of Bill Hepworth’s guitar leads; and the thundering beat of Scott Cory’s drums, and the result is that DeVoll sounds like an Alternative Rock band. Thus, with the pop vocals and alternative melody, you have a Michael Jackson vibe in a rock band.
DeVoll is a four-piece band based out of Chico, California. They’ve been hard at work on their next studio project and working on new songs, as well as fine tuning their set list. DeVoll has the soul of pop music with the emotion of alternative rock and are sure to go far.
They’ve built up a strong and dedicated group of followers all over Northern California. Their music contains a smooth blend of genres which results in the unique “DeVoll Sound.” It not only keeps their fans coming back for more, but attracts new listeners at every performance.

Tyler DeVoll || Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
Drew Loeser || Bass Guitar & Background Vocals
Bill Hepworth || Lead Guitar & Background Vocals
Scott Cory || Drums

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