Deborah Mari Bonuccelli

Sacramento artist, Deborah Mari Bonuccelli, was born and raised in Springfield, Illinois. Her passion for the arts developed at an early age under the influence of her father, himself an accomplished painter. At a young age, she moved to California and began to expand her artistic horizons, mastering both oil and acrylic mediums. On her honeymoon trip to England, Deborah attained the inspiration and vision to expand on her self-taught foundation and take her painting to the next level. Since 1989, she has participated in many shows in the Sacramento area and has also shown her work in galleries located in Napa Valley, Laguna Beach and Springfield, Illinois. Her work has been included in the Crocker Art Museum’s Art Auction and shown at the Sacramento Sutter Club. She has been commissioned by Make-A-Wish Foundation and currently shows her work at the Elliott Fouts Gallery. Scotland and Italy, with their incredible landscapes, culture, and beauty, provide Deborah with the inspiration behind many of her works of art. When not traveling, Deborah, mother of two grown sons, resides in Sacramento, California with her husband of 30 years and their two Golden Retrievers, Scout and Sabrina.

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