Chuck Epperson

Chuck Epperson’s musical style is reflective of his up bringing. He was born in 1958 in Gridley California, listening to Motown hits and playing guitar and singing in a Pentecostal church choir. He began singing at age three and playing guitar at age five. His grandmother,(Sarah Wilson Epperson),has been a huge motivating factor in his musical pursuit making him promise to “Never hide his music on a shelf, get it out there to the people”, she’d say. In true spirit, living up to his word, he formed his first band at age six. He has never looked back, performing in front of live audiences ever since. Chuck began writing, recording and copywriting his originals in the 1970’s. His personal blend of soul, R&B, pop, jazz, and rock has a sense of familiarity for the listener…yet strikingly original. Think of Jack Johnson or John Mayor backed by a tight group of musicians with the influence of groups like Tower of Power, Led Zeppelin, Earth Wind & Fire, or The Rolling Stones and greats like George Benson, Stevie Wonder, Eric Clapton, James Taylor, Van Morrison or Roy Orbison. Most importantly the blend is fresh and so generation friendly. Made of stuff that is danceable and people feel inclined to sing along with. ..Jason Shoemaker.. began his professional career at age 18 and has preformed since he became the preferred player for many musicians throughout Northern California. Jason began his drum studies at age 12 and more recently has studied with notable jazz icon Mat Marucci. Some of the artists Jason has worked with include George Lynch(Dokken, Lynch Mob), Jay King(Club Nouveau), The Chuck Epperson Jr. Band, and Blue Paradise. His diverse skills have been called upon for gigs in many different styles and have run the gamut from traditional jazz to heavy metal. Jason’s studio credits include 4 albums by Sacramento based “Santti”, and 1 album from blues-rock band Mad Emotion. A new studio album by The Chuck Epperson Jr. Band should be available next year. When discussing his passion for music, Jason states,” Music touches everyone. It is a healer, a release, and the ultimate self-expression. The interaction created between players is truly magical. Music is a blessed gift and for that, I am thankful.” ..Review at the Black Crow 2/25/06.. The Chuck Epperson Band is a fresh blend of modern rock & folk, mixed in with a jazzy flavor of R&B and a touch of country. Energetic and soulful, the band plays with an ease that exemplifies the truth passion it has for the music. The effect of the music is seen in the audience as some move with the rhythm, some close their eyes and sing along, but all are enraptured by the reflections of life represented in each song. The Chuck Epperson Band excites you and makes you enjoy the pure essence of the musical excellence. —Paige Gilbert, Free lancer writer for “The Buzz”. ..Review at Mama Llama’s Concert 3/10/07.. Usually you can find the Chuck Epperson Jr. Band playing at the Black Crow in Chico on a Saturday night, but last week they were in Weaverville playing to a sold out concert at Mama Llama’s. Chuck was backed up by Sid Walker on electronic violin and Eric Weber on sax. All three gave us a nice balance of jazz, blues and soul. Chuck has a familiar vocal style, a comfortable sound that carries through all his songs. He had good rhythm on the guitar, Sid who managed some pretty incredible jazz runs on his violin, giving the instrument an all most horn quality. Eric put his all into the sax, and played with a tender sound as well as doing some fun runs around Sid and Chuck. They are all very talented. March 14, 2007 Jane Belden, Trinity Journal.

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