I’m so glad you stopped by! I’m Kim, or you can call me Akaysha, and I am a wedding & lifestyle photographer based out of Eureka, CA. I believe in photographing people just as they are and love capturing those beautiful, intimate moments on the most important days of a person’s life. I love spending time with my clients and seeing how they look at each other, make each other laugh and relax into each other’s arms. I am convinced that love is the most beautiful thing on earth!
I am madly in love with my wonderful husband, Matt. He and I met working at a summer camp when we were both in college. At this camp, all of the staff went by camp names, he was Rowki and I was Akaysha. I chose to name my company Akaysha Photography because it reminds me of being young and in love.
Marriage has been a surprising, glorious and delightful road filled with blessings. The four greatest blessings to us are our four little girls, Abby, Serena, Hannah and Ellie. My girls are wild, hilarious and honestly, the coolest people I know. They make my life bright, beautiful and absolutely chaotic.
Now that you know the most important things about me, I feel like there’s just a few more things to add so that once we meet, we’ll be like old friends. I love the New York Yankees and could watch baseball all day, everyday. The way to my heart is through Thai food and guacamole, although probably not together. The place where I feel most alive is in Punjab, India. I love to dance. I love to sing karaoke. And, the best parts of living in Humboldt County are the breathtaking beaches.

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