Whitney Chitwood

Whitney ChitwoodWhitney Chitwood is a stand-up comedian who will stand-up to moderately dangerous things. (Not a bear, though. Whit’ll run away from those. But who wouldn’t? Poor bears.) Whit’s been featured by MoveOn.Org, is a frequent contributor to The Paper Machete at Chicago’s Green Mill, OUT Chicago on WCPT, and the co-headliner of Is This Us? Are We Here? Comedy Tour?. Additionally, Whit has worked with the likes of the great Eddie Pepitone, performed at Riot LA, Cinderblock Comedy Festival, 208 Comedy Festival, Altercation ComedyWhitney Chitwood Festival, is passed at the Hollywood Improv, a regular at The Chicago Laugh Factory, and appeared on “Put Your Hands Together w/ Cam & Rhea”. With an audacious, highly personal style, Whit has left audiences… Full disclosure: Whit struggles to write in the third person. It just feels vapid and hollow, but mostly it sounds silly to me… I mean “to Whit”… WHIT means “to Whit”. See what I mean? I mean, “what Whit means”. WHIT means, “what Whit means”. Whitney just hopes audiences leave saying, “I never thought of that,” or “That was witty,” or “Look out! There’s a bear!”

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