Tammy Kohl

Tammy KohlTammy Kohl designs, creates and manufactures innovative, patented jewelry. They have a showroom in the West Loop of Chicago that features award winning designer Tammy Kohl’s jewelry collections, as well as fine art gallery exhibiting emerging and established artists. In this innovative and ever changing setting, Tammy entertains her clients, turns their dreams into reality with her precise and well-crafted jewels. Customers come in all ages, men and women, with different wants and desires , but they all seek something unique that they won’t find anywhere else.
Tammy Kohl
Tammy Kohl is a visionary, artist, inventor and entrepreneur. Tammy’s work is based on the premise that life should be filled with art, gratitude, positive energy; she strives to create beauty in the lives of others.
What sets her apart is her ability to discover what works for her diverse clientele by creating designs that fit their dreams and lifestyles. She is capable of interpreting a broad array of styles, creating designs ranging from antiquity to ultra-modern and everything in between.Tammy Kohl
As a visionary artist who is always updating her craft, Tammy is skilled at combining her love of sculpture with her expertise in gems. She is inspired by the connections she makes with her clients, helping them express their love, commemorate milestones and celebrate their lives with the perfect jewels to match their aesthetics and desires.
She has an honest and down to earth sensibility and is known in the industry for her fresh ways of interpreting art and design. She has won many awards and has three patents on her most famous invention called the Takohl Treasure Ring. She empowers others to also be the designer and helps them to bring their ideas to life!
With an enticing and recognizable aesthetic, Tammy’s styling, creative direction and design have transformed the Takohl studio into an art house creating original concept collections for a variety of corporations and political campaigns. Two of Chicago’s mayors wear her city skyline cufflinks, former mayor Richard M. Daley, and current mayor Rahm Emanuel. She has also created for Presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush. Kohl’s eclectic and unique designs are sought after by everyone from Hollywood celebrities to sport legends to royalty, with notable clients including Renee Zellweger, Tim Allen, Steven Tyler, Helen Hunt, Terri Hatcher, Ellen DeGeneres, Carson Daly, James Gandolfini, Michael Jordan and John Elway.Tammy Kohl
Her work has been featured in many publications including In Style Magazine, Vogue, Rolling Stone and Brides Magazine. She has won many design awards and has been featured on numerous TV shows including E! Entertainment.
Tammy’s sensitivity to her clients, her passion for creation and and jewelry-making talents are showcased in every single design that she delivers. Her amazing jewelry will continue to delight, inspire and capture the hearts of discerning customers.
Christina Mooney
Christina’s role is to communicate with clients and the production teams, and in doing so to help Tammy craft her vision. Her goal is to inspire both men and women to take it to the next level when it comes to style with her mantra “When you look good, you feel good” at the forefront. She has a fascination with both contemporary and bygone fashion, décor, destinations and tastemakers and has long beenEureka House of Metal inspired by the classic, the eccentric and the visionary. She brings her insights and inspirations and collaborative style to Takohl.
JoAnn Auster
Takohl’s accounting whiz, she plays a vital role in keeping finances on track so Tammy can focus on her thoughtful jewelry designs. She is a consultant, Controller/Operations Manager, with over 20 years’ experience in improving accountancy practices and streamlining operations in small businesses to medium size businesses. JoAnn also manages the IT integration, policy development and problem resolution.

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