Sonata Kazimieraitiene

Sonata KazimieraitieneSonata Kazimieraitiene was born in Lithuania in 1968, where she received her MFA in Design from Vilnius Academy of Art (1992). She moved to the United States in the year 2000, and subsequently received her MBA in Marketing from Concordia University in Wisconsin (2005). She has produced large-scale murals and mosaics under the auspices of Chicago Public Art Group, and through the grants from Illinois Arts Council, in such locations as Green Hills Public Library in Palos Hills, IL, CTA Station in Evanston, IL, and Colin Powell Middle School in Matteson, IL. In addition, she has been artist-in-Sonata Kazimieraitieneresidence for several elementary and high schools in Chicago area. Ms. Kazimieraitiene currently works in Chicago, IL.
Most of my public art installations are created collaboratively with the community. It happens by simply exchanging ideas during the design process or direct involvement in fabrication through the workshops. The intention of public art is to create a sense of place by linking the unique features of an area with actual people. My goal is to create that connection with aesthetically rich and professional artwork, while engaging the community by providing an opportunity to discover his or her creativity.

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