Rosie Dow

Rosie DowRosie discovered her passion in make-up at a young age. She started working for Lancome Cosmetics at age 18 and began her journey in the beauty industry. The pace was fast, and the rewards were endless. After 2 years she was approached by a make-up trendsetter named, MAC Cosmetics. This is where her talent flourished. This line of make-up taught creativity, color theory,Rosie Dow individual facial features, and most of all, personal needs.
While working at MAC, Rosie also received her bachelor’s degree in Management from DePaul University- Chicago, IL. Her dedication continues with her clients as she now only freelances as a make-up artist. Continuing to freelance with MAC when needed, teaching women’s seminars, and advocating; “Beauty is beyond the make-up” and “when you look good, you feel better” approach for cancer patients, her passion continues to strive.

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