Pam Peterson

Pam PetersonFor me, painting, like breathing, is a non-negotiable. For most of my life, art was relegated to a hobby status. Then in a moment of pure audacity, I allowed for the possibility of painting as a career. I am addicted to my medium of oil and cold wax. An ideal day is uninterrupted time in my studio – painting, sunlight filling the room, music in the Pam Petersonbackground and a cat or two on the windowsill playing the perfect muse. There is a feeling of timelessness and ease as I tap into my intuitive side and apply the wax and paint. As I scratch and scrape, add and subtract the periwinkle blue or the yellow-green, my movements become a declaration of trust on a path uncharted. Finding my heart’s work has been the most liberating and challenging of journeys. It is one that, to this day, I have not regretted.

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