Megan is a Midwest and United States-based destination wedding photographer. She has an infatuation with human connection, anthropology, travel and great outdoors. She is a sucker for an adventure, emotional moments and really good food. She’s a Florida native who has made the city of Chicago her home for the last 7 years but belongs somewhere in the mountains in front of a good campfire.
One day she woke up and she wanted to be a photographer. A photographer that wanted to capture human interactions and emotion creatively. For years she searched for that outlet and one day she stumbled upon wedding photography and became instantly connected. She discovered that photographing two people in love, their interactions, their story fuel her passion.
Megan resonates with intimate, honest weddings, ones that present as unique and authentic, ones with tradition but they threw that tradition out the door and made their day an authentic representation of their marriage. As an artist, Megan is able to document weddings while incorporating her own artistic visions and yours. She loves natural light, nature, and intimate moments. It is important to her for you to trust her as photography is a collaboration.
Megan is a plant enthusiast with a love for herbs, essential oils, mid-century modern furniture and an organic lifestyle. She has an adventurous soul that can’t sit still for very long. Her cats + dog are the loves of her life. Her favorite tv show is Grey’s Anatomy and she’s pretty devastated that House is over. She seems to really like it. Pop-punk is her jam. Brand New for days upon days. She is tattooed and an unnatural redhead. She is also 4’10” and proud of it. She’d be an interior designer if she wasn’t a photographer. Christmas is her favorite holiday so you can sometimes catch her playing Christmas music in July. She wishes every day was fall. Her Grandparents are everything to her. Megan is an observer. She loves to watch people, their connection, the intimate moments between them. She looks for the imperfect, unexpected moments. Her approach is to capture you as you. Capture the moments that matter. The outtakes, the “hidden” moments, the best moments, your laughter, the two of you together. Environment plays a huge role in her photography so Megan is always seeking unique locations that may be meaningful to you or provides interesting light.
A story is something is told for generations. It is something that makes you feel. It is timeless. It is honest. It is real. Megan captures the in-between, organic, and emotional moments that tell the story of your wedding because she wants you to relive it as if you were there; and when a distant relative discovers your wedding album tucked away in the attic, they can too. A day frozen in time. Travel feeds her soul. It inspires her, drives her. It keeps her creative juices fueled and travel provides her with a new canvas to create a story on. She is lucky to have a passion turned career that allows her the freedom to see the world. She is so grateful to document stories and real connection all parts of US, South America, Europe and New Zealand. She travels for a large part of her season. No place is off limits. Let’s celebrate love in a place you love. She’d love to see the entire world and capture a story in every place so no place is too near or too far. She’d love to be invited along.

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