Megan Hinds

Megan Hinds is a midwest artist from Champaign, IL. She attended Parkland Community College where she studied fine art. She then transferred to Illinois State University where she received her Bachelor in Fine Art with a focus in printmaking. While at ISU, she was able to create her solo exhibition, “The Fourth Wall”. Megan is currently in Chicago, IL working at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Visitor Services. She continues her printmaking practice at Chicago Printmakers Collaborative. She is constantly investigating nature’s collective brilliance and communication. With the knowledge gained from her observations, she creates work that reflects this exploration and discovery. Her work offers a picture of pattern, movement, and texture integrated in such a way to display both continuity and community.
My art draws inspiration from the interaction between insects and animals and their ecosystems. This inspiration often comes from talking with friends, swimming in the ocean, hiking in local parks, and doing online research. With the knowledge gained from these sources, I create my view of their worlds. Such as becoming a bee in their hive, I see both the inner workings of the community, all the spaces in between, and how they interact with that habitat. With these complex visualizations in my mind, my fascination with three dimensional print pieces has inspired my current creativity. As I continue to study the complexities of the ecosystems of my subject matter, I have been compelled to have my art reflect those details by utilizing layering. The 3-D effect provides the viewer with an opportunity for exploration and discovery.
The outer layers invoke camouflage and chaotic movement. As the layers recede, the focal point of the piece becomes more organized and focused. These pieces are offering a picture of line, movement, and texture integrated in such a way as to display both uniformity and chaos, continuity and community. The process of printmaking connects closely with how I enjoy working. Each precise step needed for preparing a print parallels my desire to create patterns and texture. Being intimately involved in each step of the printmaking process allows me to give complete attention to detail. I take advantage of the variable print and truly stretch the usage of each matrix. Changing the color, paper, and orientation, I create a large number of works to use to physically assemble homogeneous three dimensional pieces.

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