Jamie Loren

Jamie LorenI’m Jamie, and I have a bit of a one track mind. It’s maddening and magical all at once. Maddening because I can’t really turn it off… I’m constantly composing scenes- even in my dreams. But it’s also magical because, when I focus so deeply, I can turn those dreams into reality and capture otherworldly kind of love. Wedding photography has been my focus for several years now here in Chicago. There was a distinct moment in time when I realized this was exactly, precisely what I was meant to do. I want toJamie Loren create and share beauty with other people, and there is no better avenue for that than through my camera, and no better subject than those who are madly in love, like you. I just made myself sound super intense. And I won’t lie to you, I am. But I promise I’m also fun, and we will laugh SO hard on your wedding day. It’s all about balance, right?

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