Cory was Raised in Southeast Michigan and currently, finishing his last year as an undergrad in cinematography & directing with a minor in graphic design at Columbia College Chicago. Although he seeks to have a career as a filmmaker, his passions also lie in the realm of traditional and abstract art. Rooted in a more traditional/realism approach, he has thoroughly enjoyed branching out into more experimental & abstract concepts over the past five years (since high school).
Growing up experimenting with traditional art, Cory spent four years studying art in High School before starting his filmmaking undergrad in 2013. Initially, he had ambitions to study computer animation. Realizing his passions and talents would be better utilized with bigger picture concepts – filmmaking/directing took over his dreams and pursuits since he was in his early teens.
Early influences include: -The Lord of the Rings motion picture trilogy – notably Peter Jackson’s narrative/stylistic choices and the epic nature of the VFX sequences;
-Steven Spielberg – films with thematic ties to loss of innocence and childlike wonder, along with the cinematographic qualities created by Janusz Kaminski. Over the past four years of secondary education, Cory has experimented with and expanded his visual storytelling voice, as well as honing his talents in mediums of: traditional, digital, and graphic arts – in academia and the professional industry. Continuing to ask questions like: ‘What’s the importance?’, ‘What am I trying to say with this project?’ – Cory seeks not only create with the instinctive qualities within him, but to make a difference in the people/world around him with his artistic efforts.
Capturing stories visually is where my passion lies: expressing a point of view or posing questions about something that I’ve observed in the world around me – To examine contradictions, to emotionally/intellectually move, and to explore what makes us…us!

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