ARRAARRA is one of the best and largest drawing classic rock cover bands in the Chicagoland area, and has been for the past 2.5 decades! We were also voted BEST CLASSIC ROCK BAND in the Nitelife Best of the Burbs Contest for the 5th year in a row! By performing the biggest hits by the biggest bands of all time, with precision and excellence… it has been,and continues to be, the secret to our success. Our unparalleled vocal harmonies and incredible musicianship is also what has brought us to being one of the most sought after club and festival bands in the Chicago area markets.
We’ve performed with some of the biggest bands and performers of all time, including: Kansas, 38 Special, Survivor, Rare Earth, The Ides of March, Steppenwolf, Paul Rodgers from Bad Company and Dennis DeYoung from Styx. Those are just a few of the National Acts that we’ve shared the stage with throughout the years. Come out to one of our shows to see what the buzz is all about for yourself! It will also give you a chance to be one of the hundreds of thousands of people who have watched us perform over the years! You will see and hear why hands down, ARRA is the best Classic Rock cover bandARRA in Chicagoland!
Pete Greco
Pete Greco’s love for singing started at an early age when he fell in love with rock & roll and we mean the roots of rock & roll! That’s right, from Elvis to Buddy Holly to Jerry Lee Lewis, Pete soaked up all that priceless music from his mom’s 45s…remember those! The first time anyone heard Pete sing was at a friend’s band rehearsal when Pete was just 15. The bands singer was sick and didn’t make practice so Pete couldn’t contain himself when they started playing Triumphs “Lay it on the line” so he jumped up and got behind the microphone and has been behind one ever since. He has toured nationally with original bands Theatre and My Hero.
My Hero opened for Warrant on part of their national tour back in the 80s and was managed by John Brewer (one time Manager from England for Yes). My Hero was also featured in Metal Edge Magazine in a story where they were predicted to be the next big thing out of Chicago and unknown to them had Sony Records very interested in signing them. Unfortunately right at that time Seattle grunge started to take off and Hair Band ARRArecord deals went away so Pete decided to pursue his other dream of putting together one of the best cover bands in the Chicago area market!
Pete played in with a few local cover bands for a while before finally putting together in 2001 one of the most successful and top drawing cover bands in Chicagoland for the past decade and a half The Lounge Puppets! The Lounge Puppets perform “hair band” music by Bon Jovi, Warrant, Poison, Whitesnake and many more of the hair bands of the 1980’s and are still going strong today. Back in the day when Pete would go out and see other local cover bands he had a favorite that he would always take time to see as he felt they were the best at what they do…and that band was ARRA. ARRA was performing music no one else could do or do as well did with precision and excellence by Journey, Boston, Queensryche, Kansas, Styx, Foreigner and many other of the best classic rock songs by the best classic rock bands of all time.
Pete had filled in for ARRA’s former lead singer Ronnie Platt over the past few years and would co-perform with ARRA with the Puppets many times at local club and festival events…so when ARRA called Pete when Ronnie Platt was brought in to Kansas as their new lead singer in July of 2015, Pete couldn’t say no! Pete Grecos name has been attached to the phrase “one of the best lead singers in Chicagoland” for the past 28 yearsARRA and now you can see him in either or both of the cover band formats that fits your desire, hair band, or classic rock. You can check the schedules to see where Pete is going to be at or at
Kevin Conner
Kevin is one of the founding members of ARRA, starting the band in 1990 with Kevin, Jim and Steve. Prior to ARRA, Kevin was lead guitarist and vocalist for one of the Chicago areas top drawing classic rock cover bands for 7 years along with Jim. Kevin molded and shaped that recipe for success, along with other ingredients (the best band mates a man can ask for!!) to help build ARRA in to one of the top drawing Chicago area classic rock cover bands of the past two decades. Kevin has also recorded and produced some of the Chicago areas top drawing bands in his recording studio, KC audio productions.
Cathy Richardson, Maggie Speaks, Dawn Patrol, Mirage, and the Dave Carl band along with a special guest production appearance by Jim Peterik are just some of the acts that have visited and recorded with Kevin in his studio. Kevin’s production and recording experience has helped him become not only one of the more popular guitarists in the Chicago and suburban club circuit, but and excellent lead and backing vocalist as well. ARRAHis renditions of Angel and Don’t want to miss a Thing by Aerosmith, as well as a few other timeless classics are sure to bring a smile to many faces by the nights end.
Outside of the band world, Kevin is a successful Director of Sales for a material handling integrator in Batavia, IL, Worldsource ( So if you are looking to build or modify a distribution center anywhere in the country (or the world for that matter) grab him after the show to talk about the opportunity!!
Jim Zahrobsky
Jim is one of the founding members of ARRA. Prior to ARRA, Jim was rhythm guitarist and vocalist for one of the Chicago areas top drawing classic rock cover bands for 7 years along with Kevin. Jim also helped tailor ARRA into their current success by his experience and on stage persona that helped create the name that still stands today, Jimmy Blaze. Jim also plays all of the acoustic 12 string guitar parts and fills in difficult harmonies while making it all look easy! His extremely dynamic falsetto and versatile vocal range helps ARRA attain 3 and 4 part harmonies that can’t be touched by other vocal bands. His artistic background also was instrumental in creating the original band logo and artwork.
In addition to Jim’s vocal harmony talent, he sings an excellent rendition of “My Sacrifice” by Creed, Man in the Box by Alice In Chains and the always favorite “Silent Lucidity” by Queensryche. Jim is also in the process of learning new vocal materials, so if you have a suggestion on a new tune for Jim, send him the idea. Jim worked in theARRA tool and die industry for 25 years and currently enjoys relaxing and focusing on his music and other hobbies during the week.
Steve Latka
Steve has been with the band since the beginning, starting the band with Kevin and Jim. He has performed with many local bands throughout his career, playing a range of music from heavy metal to blues, all the way to polkas. (Yes, early on, he spent some time playing weddings!) Steve’s last , prior to ARRA, was RT Jams. Steve also played with Ron Platt in the early years in the cover band Lazy. Ironically enough (unbeknownst to Kevin Conner at the inception) Steve’s band Lazy defeated one of Kevin’s earliest projects, Dilligaf, at the Coral in Western Springs in a High school area battle of the bands final round in the early 1980’s.
Steve had one of the most rock solid bass grooves to round off the rhythm section and that put the icing on the cake for what ARRA was looking to attain. Steve changes between his Modulus 5 string and a 4 string fretless to give the songs a true right off the record tone for whatever material ARRA needs to cover. Steve also has a great voice and rounds off the bands incredible 4 part harmonies. By day, Steve maintains and “occasionally throws wrenches at” a bus fleet. In his spare time, he enjoys attending jam sessions with friends.
Kevin Kreis
Kevin is one of the founding members of ARRA, before which he was STILL just as cool of a character as he is now! ‘Cause before ARRA, Kevin was keyboardist for one of the Chicago areas top drawing “Yes” cover bands of the 1980’s, “Drama”. Kevin’s extremely gifted keyboard ability made him the easy choice to fill out that section of the ARRA ARRAproject. It’s easy to see that he was an attendee of the Chicago Conservatory of Music when he breaks in to one of his keyboard solos that have to be seen to be believed.
Kevin was also part of the recording and touring band “Ground Cloud” that received national attention and radio play in the early 1980s. Kevin has been a main staple to ARRA’s success by performing our songs with the “sounds just like the record” keyboard patches and does it with only one keyboard!! When Kevin isn’t playing his keyboard, he works as a court reporter for the Cook County court system which keeps his fingers nice and nimble for his weekend job!!
Mike Gallus
Mike started playing the drums at age eight following in the footsteps of his father who was a drummer in the Chicago music scene throughout the 1970’s and 80’s. Influenced by numerous drummers that included his father, John Bonham, Neil Peart, Carl Palmer, Mike Arturi and Todd Sucherman who all helped define his playing style. Playing his first gig at age twelve opening up for current Lovin’ Spoonful drummer Mike Arturi who was with the Jade 50’s back in the early 1980’s started him on his musical journey.
Later in high school Mike met and studied briefly with current Styx drummer Todd Sucherman where they continue to remain friends throughout the years. Then in the mid 90’s his brother Darren opened up Dag Nabit Records in Park Ridge where he played as a studio musician and eventually recorded his first album “Read Me” with his brother who fronted the Darren Edwards Project.ARRA
Mike played with numerous local rock bands over the last two decades that included Makeral Sky, Bottoms Up, Dawn Patrol, Evolution and 18 years with Chicago’s premier Bruce Springsteen tribute band in Thunder Road, which ended in 2015. Most recently Mike has been playing with Second Time Around and Sonic 7, now he begins a new journey as the drummer for ARRA.

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