The Shutter Owl Photography

I am an on-location, event (wedding) and family photographer serving Charlotte and all around the Charlotte area. I am also a mother to two little wildlings, as I call them, who seem to have inherited their mother’s thirst for adventure. Since I can remember, nothing has ever felt more right in my hands than a camera. Back in middle school, I used to save up every penny of allowance I earned to buy film and have it developed, and now I still love to pull that box full of 4 x 6 photographs out and take a little trip down memory lane. I have a deep love affair with the NC Smokey Mountains, owls, sunflowers, the calm before a storm, and that magic hour right before dark. Though I love all the seasons for their different reasons, my soul comes alive in Autumn and nothing brings me more joy then capturing the beauty of it.
I get inspired the most by photography that tells a story, and I must say, being a mom behind a camera definitely has its perks! Moving subjects and adventurous souls who are especially drawn to the moments in-between life’s poses will always be my tribe.

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