Shannon O’Hara


A faith-based singer/songwriter whose sound has been compared to the effortless commanding voice of Adele, Shannon O’Hara kick started her career by blowing through the competition as a top-24 finalist on American Idol. Since her success on Idol in the Spring of 2018, O’Hara has released two music videos which not only highlight her astounding vocal range, but also showcase her musicianship. After her Idol celebrity duet with Cam on national television, they reunited once to perform on stage during Cam’s tour.
Shannon has been writing songs since she was five years old. As a child she loved singing along to Disney music and playing a Casio children’s keyboard. Shannon took music classes in elementary school, and begin taking chorus class in middle school. She loved spending her time playing piano and guitar in worship bands at various local churches. Shannon has always been passionate about helping others and reaching out. Her passion has reached as far as Nicaragua through her mission work. In addition to working tirelessly on her upcoming single to be released in early 2019, Shannon leads worship at a local homeless ministry in Charlotte, NC.

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