From a very you age, my love for music and dance started to shine through. As I grew, so did my passion for dance as I learned a variety of dance genres. In 1998, I was introduced to electronic music, which transformed and modernized my style of movement – a blend of flowing, popping and locking, that is forever evolving. A beginning cabaret belly dance class changed my life when I was 21 years old and I fell in love and immersed myself in private and group lessons at the Domba!Tribal dance studio. In 2006, I auditioned for an open call for the world dance troupe that is now known as Ghazaal Beledi. For five seasons, I performed at the Arizona Renaissance Festival with my dance family. Since that time, I have furthered my knowledge and skill in different genres of dance including African, Irish, and Bhangra. In August of 2011, I embarked on a journey away from my life in Phoenix, AZ. After a fall season of travel, dance, and self discovery, I chose Charlotte, NC as my new home. Soon after moving to Charlotte, I really started delving into fire performing and it is now a large part of my performances and passion. Then, in April 2012, I took another life changing class…aerial silks with Amy Tynan. My passion of the art helped to hook me and I have been immersing myself in aerial arts ever since. I recently started to teach myself lyra as well. I am a belly dance instructor and would love to teach at your next festival, girls’ weekend, workshop, bachelorette party or most other events that you can think of. My classes are as much about empowerment and self love as they are about belly dancing. I personally think those things go hand in hand.

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