Ryan Trotti

Ryan TrottiIf Sam Hunt and Johnny Cash had a music baby, godfathered by Eminem, it would be South Carolina native (Go Gamecocks!), and longtime Charlotte, NC resident, Ryan Keith Trotti. Like many of the greats, Ryan started his music career at an early age. Coming from a family that was very musically inclined, he got his first taste of the “music bug” in the third grade, when he asked his mother to show him how to play a little blues riff on the piano. That is where it all began. Hungry for more, he would sit down every day, teaching himself new chords and learning new songs. From that humble start, he taught himself to play several instruments by ear, which includes drums, piano, guitar, and even a brief stint with some brass. He developed his ear and has been doing music ever since. Along with teaching himself how to play basically all the major instruments, he began producing and composing full tracks at the age of 12 when he got his first production workstation keyboard. Naturally, that led to songwriting and eventually to being a full-fledged artist and performer.

He has come a long way from making his first tracks on a dual cassette karaoke machine and keyboard. Ryan has become accomplished on virtually every piece of equipment and tool involved in the evolution of modern production and writing. His wide range of talents has allowed him to lend his skills in production (as well as mixing and mastering) for several of the most well-known independent hip hop, pop, and country artists Charlotte has to offer. He has also had studio sessions with the Grammy award winning and Platinum selling rock band “Crossfade.” Ryan has also produced and starred in a full length, professional short film/music video with country music superstar, Jason Aldean’s wife, and Charlotte native, Brittany Kerr! Recently, Ryan began co-writing with some of Nashville’s top talent through his relationship with Banner Records. Working with country superstar, Lee Brice’s band The Love Canons, Ryan has just finished his official EP, aptly titled “The Other Part of Me”, as a nod to his experience in other genres, while keeping true to his deep love with country music. His new single, “Too Much of a Good Thang”, a feel-good summer song is rapidly gaining air-play along the East Coast, from PA to Miami FL! Ryan is truly a “one-stop music shop”. His friends, family and fans have known that for years, and now Nashville is taking notice. But perhaps the most important aspect of Ryan’s overall depth as a person, is that he remains humble, kind, and thoughtful toward others. He credits his “mama” for that aspect of his upbringing and perspective.

Whether it be producing and mixing a hot new club song, picking up the acoustic guitar and entertaining you with his vocals, or rocking the stage as he leads his band, there is very little Ryan can’t accomplish when he puts his mind to it. Ryan’s determination to be a long term and successful artist/musician/songwriter is very noticeable in his attention to detail and passion in his craft. EDM, Hip Hop, Rock, Pop, Country…it’s all in his repertoire, and now has the attention of Nashville! No need to waste time putting this artist/producer in a box or some catchy “label” to classify his style, but do bring a good set of headphones…you won’t be disappointed.

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