Textures, a bold palette, and new subject matter are the primary focus on Natasha’s mind and on her canvasses for the year of 2018. You will find her newest collection of contemporary paintings, Vivid Expressions, with realistic subject matter as the focal point, surrounded by graffiti-like paint splashes, words, thick textures, and extreme colors chosen to express the artist’s exploration of emotions on canvas. These paintings are bold and make quite the statement piece. They are painted with the artist’s intent for both admiring the simple beauty found in the human eye or lip, as well as stirring up intense emotions. She continues to express herself in her preferred artistic-medium, acrylic, which she uses in various mastered ways, from smooth blending and high defined details to bold uncontrolled-like brushstrokes and textures. You will be drawn into the energy and details of paint flowing through-out the canvas. Dedicating herself to her passion of painting and developing her own style, Art by Natasha, she’s proudly introducing this Contemporary Art Collection to Charlotte, NC, her new home!

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