Natalie Boeyink


Natalie Boeyink is an accomplished bassist, composer and educator based in Wilmington, NC. She works primarily in jazz and Latin idioms as a bassist, and as a classical pianist and violinist. In 2015, she joined the full-time jazz faculty at University of North Carolina Wilmington.
Natalie completed her doctorate in music education at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, and she holds a MM in Jazz Performance (University of Louisville), and a BM in Jazz Studies (Indiana University). Natalie is an active jazz bassist, adjudicator and educator and she is the former director of the Attica Strings Project, based in Attica, Indiana.
Batuquê Trio is Natalie’s latest collaboration, playing contemporary Brazilian, Afro-Cuban, and Caribbean jazz. The trio’s first CD, Transparency, was released in January 2015. Natalie has shared the stage with Jamie Baum, Ingrid Jensen, Leni Stern, Reut Regev, Jovino Santos Neto, Joe Piscopo, David ‘Fathead’ Newman, Jon Hendricks, David Liebman and Lorraine Feather. She also performed with the Jerry Tolson Trio and Quartet, and with Jeff Sherman in Louisville, KY; as well as Bob Stright and Monika Herzig in Bloomington, IN.
Natalie was raised in a home filled with music, from recordings of West Side Story, to Miles Davis, Arlo Guthrie, and Brahms. Her lifelong love of music began at age three when she was enrolled in a Kindermusik program. Two years later she began violin study under the tutelage of one of Nadia Boulanger’s former students, James Douglas White. Her violin instruction continued as a member of the Indiana University Young Violinists Program where she studied music theory and participated in youth chamber ensembles under the guidance of Stacia Spencer, Mimi Zweig, and Dr. Brenda Brenner.
As a violinist, Natalie was a member of her middle school and high school orchestras. Her first exposure to playing jazz was on the violin, when in 7th grade, she joined her after-school jazz band. In 8th grade, she began teaching herself electric bass in order to continue participating in jazz band, and this was the step that launched her fully into playing jazz bass.
Natalie majored in Jazz Studies (bass) at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music and performed in the top jazz ensembles, conducted by Dr. David N. Baker and Pat Harbison. She also performed with the Latin American Popular Music Ensemble, conducted by Gerardo Dirie, which fostered her love of Latin American music.
In 2007 she completed a Masters degree in Jazz Performance at the University of Louisville, where she studied with Tyrone Wheeler, John LaBarbera, and Jerry Tolson. Natalie has performed alongside Dennis DiBlasio, Shelly Berg, Lorraine Feather, Jovino Santos Neto, Joe Piscopo, David ‘Fathead’ Newman, Almir Côrtes, Rob Dixon, Keith McCutchen, and John Hendricks. She has been an invited guest performer in Barbados, the Bahamas, and Perm and Moscow, Russia.
While pursuing her doctoral degree at IU, Natalie studied Afro-Latin musical performance under Grammy-nominated Michael Spiro, and performed in IU’s Afro-Cuban folkloric ensemble and Brazilian percussion ensemble. Her last musical venture, Mixteto Sonido, performed at the 2012 Jazz Education Network’s conference in Louisville, KY. This ensemble mixed jazz with Brazilian, Afro-Cuban and Caribbean genres and styles.
Batuquê Trio, her latest musical collaboration, released their debut album, Transparency, in 2015. The album showcases several of her original compositions, as well as those from the other members of of the group.

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